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來源:  更新時間:2022-05-14
Rockery is a decorative stone that can be seen on many occasions. Rockeries are generally made of Qianceng stone. What are the production methods of Qianceng stone rockery? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.
1. The first is the choice of materials: that is to choose those thousand layer stone materials with beautiful appearance, moderate size and similar color. This thousand layer stone is the choice for making rockery projects.
2. The second is to build a pool: there are many ways to make qiancengshi rockeries, including dry mountains and rockeries with pools. If you are going to build dry mountains, you don't need to build a pool. This step can be omitted. Water is the blood of rockery, and water is the spirit. Building a pool is a way to make a water system rockery. There are a variety of styles of qiancengshi rockery pool. The common ones are round, oval and square, usually with a diameter of 3 to 10 meters and a diameter of 60 to 130 cm. The water depth minus the mouth edge of 15 cm, and it is OK to keep a pipe at the bottom of the pool from 50 cm to 110 cm.
3. Stacked rockery is an important part of the whole project: whether combined or single peak, qiancengshi rockery is composed of three parts: main peak, secondary peak and lining. The main peak of qiancengshi rockery should be arranged on the left or right side of the front. If the main peak is on the left, the secondary peak should be on the right, forming an open and close type, one large and one small, one high and one low, echoing each other. Because the main peak is upright and dangerous and the back slope extends slowly, It is connected with the rear seat lining, so the overall feeling is very good. The total area of the mountain usually does not exceed 1 / 3 or less than half of the water surface. In this way, enough area is left for the viewer to leave fantasy space, so as to achieve the function of "no scenery here is better than scenery".
4. It is in the decoration: after the qiancengshi rockery is completed, put some green plants near the qiancengshi rockery, or put some plastic clay figurines on the mountain. If there are economic conditions, you can put a pavilion and stone table and stone stool at the foot of the mountain. The feeling of the qiancengshi rockery decorated in this way is even more wonderful!
The setting of artificial stones can fully reflect the overall charm of the landscape and play a very important role in the overall appreciation of the landscape. The main landscaping functions of qiancengshi rockery are: qiancengshi rockery can be combined with garden buildings and road vegetation to form a natural scene; Qiancengshi rockery can be combined with rivers to build a landscape painting in the garden; Qiancengshi rockery can be combined with the main landscape or terrain skeleton to enhance the beauty of garden space.
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